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What is Panax Ginseng?
Ginseng, specifically the Panax ginseng that Bing Han grows and processes, is one of Chinese traditional medicine’s most revered ingredients. It is an adaptogenic herb, meaning it can be ingested to reduce the effects of various stresses on the body, including inflammation, aging, and disease.
For millennia, traditional healers used Panax ginseng as a revitalizing tonic, a medicinal food that could make people more resilient and vibrant. Nowadays, people around the world are choosing strength in the face of modern stressors by incorporating the world’s purest ginseng into their healthy lifestyles.

Why take Ginseng?
People who have taken charge of their health know there are endless supplements and wellness products they could try. But the merits of Panax ginseng are endorsed by millennia of history. Bing Han’s Panax ginseng is the 100% raw, time­tested solution for everybody from elite athletes to conscious executives looking to fuel their performance naturally.
Make ginseng a cornerstone of your healthy lifestyle if you want:
  • Increased Energy: improved circulation and stable blood sugar levels for more sustained natural energy and overall physical vitality
  • Stress Reduction: reduced stress, both mentally and physically
  • Stronger Immunity: a stronger immune system, reduced cellular inflammation, and a healthier aging process
Bing Han Ginseng Powder
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BH Ginseng Capsules
RM 670.00
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RM 399.00
RM 2990.00
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